What Multiculturalism means to me.

After being tossed around from place to place, the best I could do was learn how to adopt to new cultures, accept different cultures, and respect different cultures. In my everyday living, I take elements of the different cultures I have experienced to make my life more interesting.

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I also love to study different cultures. I find it quite interesting how a better cultural understanding can lead to  less ethnocentric policies and cultural wars.

I hope to have an essay here by a friend who has lived in a lot more places than I have...stay tuned for that. Till then, here are some great links!

nomad_back02.gif (118 bytes) Handful of cultures...

Multiculturalism & diversity: The new Racism an interesting/different take on multiculturalism

Hitchhiking Vietnam here is one woman's Journey through Vietnam documented in a PBS docu-series.

iAgora The Community of International People, read some fascinating articles of people's cross-cultural experiences.

nomad_back02.gif (118 bytes) National Geographic the best cultural/environmental/anthropological magazine I know.

Harappa Informative and beautiful site on South Asian Culture and History.

Your Nation a great site with plenty of statistics on the nations of the world for you to compare, contrast, and learn from.

Atlas Magazine an very interesting magazine with articles on word cultures