Copyrights and Credits
Copyright 1998 by Mohammed Sobhan. All rights reserved.

All images, opinions, & design concepts (includes HTML) should not be copied without prior permission from me or original copyright holder (if there is one, it should be mentioned). It took time and effort for me to build this site, and it would not be very nice for someone else to assume credit for things in the site. If you would like to use something for a purpose, please ask me first by e-mailing me. I don't want to be a freak regarding copyright. I do trust it to a certain extent, but sometimes find it unnecessary.

The pictures of the famous artworks and architecture are not mine, but the design, concepts, and image editing were mine. Whenever copyrighted pictures were used, the originals owners were cited in the alternative text (the text that shows up when you put your mouse over an image for a second or so). If you think I am violating another person's intellectual property rights, please let me know ASAP! Thank you.

Here is a list of credits for images, information, and other resources I used. To use any images, please ask me first, for those with original owners mentioned somewhere, please contact the respective owners.

Trumbull Historical Society
Old pictures found in page about Trumbull, CT, USA,  were acquired with permission from the Trumbull Historical Society. These pictures are copywritten by THS and cannot be used without their permission.

Project Cool
for inspirations

Khaled M. Batarfi
for images of Jeddah Saudi Arabia

Masum Hasan
for images of Bangladesh

there is probably many more I forgot to mention. If you are one, let me know.

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