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GOT any good reading recommendations? please, send me a link.

This page was going to be some retrospective on things I have read and perhaps a little discussion about some of them, but that would be too much for me to handle with efficiency. Instead, I realized my late blossomed internet reading habit. I have been soaking a lot in from online versions of magazines, and other purely web based information sources (sometimes, I am ashamed to mention, more than my course textbooks).

As the internet becomes a more reliable source of information and more information becomes available online, I am sure it will save a lot of paper in the future (especially if there are more readers like me). NO, the paper saving scheme is not bull, I have saved a lot of paper by simply downloading my assignments and course information from my course pages online. I guess it is a matter of how much you can stare at the screen.

Another thing that only recently got my attention was Hypertext, a new evolution in literature, text with word linked to other pages. Much more interesting than those choose your direction fantasy novels. The reason for this sudden interest is a recent contact with a friend who won the first NYU Press Prize for Hyperfiction. Thanks to him, I also got to design the site where the winners were being presented.

Read my friend Adnan Ashraf's beautiful hypertext

The Straight Path

These are the things I normally stare at...
This outrageously cynical site is my daily read. Forget sucky journalism, try sucky journalism that actually manages to get a point across and shows an ulterior layer of intelligence behind it. The cynical authors of the daily articles have fictional names that make it all the more interesting. People I imagine to be middle-aged are actually younger. I love their biting criticisms. Their stronger reader mail gets attention in the fish section, with actual replies by the authors to each mail. Suck has "bite me!" written all over.

Salon Magazine
This is now replacing Time in my list of magazine reads since it is free and intelligently written. Their correspondents are comparable to that of NY Times. I usually read an article or two on each issue, and muse through the rest trying to learn new vocabulary terms, and trying to determine the people behind the magazine [right leaning or left leaning].

New York Times Online
Well, it would be a lie if I said I read it daily. But, I have been using its Arts/Living section as my guide to movies. I have been reading reviews of movies I watched and will watch, and have been trying to figure how the taste of the reviewer (in most cases Janet Maslin) compares to my taste. actually thinks she is sort of a female Siskel, would be interesting to see her with Ebert.

Scientific American
I always buy this magazine whenever I get the chance to. Luckily, their online edition is quite comprehensive as well, including quite a few of the articles in the paper edition. This is the most scientific you can get without actually being a scientist or studying a science field. Although there are scientists behind the articles, the content is intelligible enough for high school graduates (or at least the ones I have as friends) to understand.

Popular Science
Their online version is not all that great, but nothing beats the actual paper version. They do such a good job of integrating science and technology. Not only do I find out about technology that is already out and available long before they make it to the insipid television media, I get to learn about how some cutting edge science works.

TIME magazine
This magazine has always proven to be a great read for me. For some reason, I hold Time in higher esteem than Newsweek and US News & world report. The latter probably because of the Americacentric news.

BUT, these are just some sources of journalist writing. There are of course the tons of sites I visit everyday, many personal sites have quite interesting things to say. Besides personal sites, collaborative sites such as poetry, literature and non-profit magazine sites are very interesting reads. A good source of such sites is
A great site with listings of collaborative efforts on the net. Includes prose, poetry, experiments, magazines, and much more. See the site oursouls, a collaboration I conceived of and designed, listed there!

click to visit oursouls