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Musicians I like [alphabetical]
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source of pure nostalgia for me. I first grew up listening to them on 8-tracks on my father's awful Buick Skylark

Banco de Gaia

helps Tibet and makes great music, how much 'better' can you get? My 1st favorite was the track "Last train to Lhasa"

Blue Camel [album]

by Rabih Abou-Khalil, this great CD of collaborative Jazz fused with traditional Arabic music is really nice


liked him since "Blue Skies" Tori Amos mix, good dance floor stuff

Chemical Brothers

really enjoyable electronica/techno. Much better than prodigy with little bits of acid and old school electronics.

Collective Soul

They're putting good old ROCK back in the 90's. Some of the best non-alternative, non-bubble gum pop stuff out there. Plenty of scalping GUITAR!


if new age is her music, then I like it. Just one of many Irish musicians I like

Hearts of Space

Radio show by National Public Radio in the US. Features good mix of ambient & related music

Lata Mangeshkar

This woman has made the most recordings in history [unbeatable, well over 30,000] & has a damn good voice


Always liked her music, and have no qualms admitting that, so when she makes music with William Orbit [Ray of light], would you be surprised if I like it?


Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan an excellent singer with the best Ghazls I know

The Orb

one of the fathers of ambient/house music. This ain't club dance, but it's rockin' good

Smashing Pumpkins

Liked them for a while, getting quickly bored

Tangerine Dream

Truly accomplished group that influenced so many artists. Behind the scenes, but never quite in the spotlight. Did I mention how eclectic their music is?


She makes the best classical/pop/techno fusion I have heard (mostly violin).

William Orbit

his bleeps and beeps are some of the best I  have heard. Good electronica.


The best place I found on the net to buy electronic music. Really extensive collection.


want to suggest a good music site? send a link hither. Artists I might like? send a link to the artists site as well.

Ecelctic taste?
I listen to almost anything with with good taste from the drums of the east to the screams of the west...

Folk & traditional Arabic is quite entertaining, especially anything with the Arabic guitar. Man with SitarAfter all, I am Bengali, so I like traditional Bengali music, but love "adhonic" in particular, it was the type of music my father grew up listening in his college years in the 70's. Indian, is a regular, but Indian pop has managed to annoy me. Lata Mangeshkar is magnificent, and so is semi-classical Indian.

"Where there is no love, where listeners are dumb, there can never be song"
Rabindranath Tagore
Broken Song, 1894

My Western likes include Classical & Jazz. Recently, I fell in love (and am still obsessed) with Vanessa Mae's pop version of the prelude (opening movement) to J.S. Bach's Partita No.3 in E, she named it Bach Street Prelude in her album The Storm. Celtic & new age sounds are soothing and so is any music with some ethnic taste is. Of course, like the full blooded American (I am not one), I enjoy rock, alternative & (some) popular. And not last, nor least of all is electronica.Ludwig van Beethoven Yes, I like the beeps and beats,the background to your SCI-fi movies and TV ads, and the sounds in your dance floors. True that some makers of this music are quite lacking in talent, and tasteless, but like in anything else, there are exceptions. I am not well acquainted with the "rave culture" and do not care to be a part of it. Relative of electronica, disco, is a favorite, and so are most music from the 60's and 70's. It is a bit pointless trying to mention all types of the music I like, instead, it is more reasonable to say I like all but a few. There are of course my all time favorite songs, or musical pieces that I hope to list one day, which is surprisingly not huge.

The music I do not like include music from the decade of my birth, most of which was, well, annoying. Hard core rap and nihilistic chants and rants like Marilyn Manson are nothing more than irritating noise to me. I don't like airheads like Spice Girls talking about "Girl power". I am awfully bored with the boy band craze/New Kids on the block wannabes. Chinese opera music, which I am not really familiar with, but have heard a bit in the movie Farewell My Concubine, can be amazingly irritating. This comes as a surprise to even myself, considering I like Indian music and lot of violin, both very high pitched.

religion, music, crime, & immorality
Is music everything to me? Certainly not. I have been criticized for glorifying an "obsession" (if it is even that) with music by self titled religious experts on Islam. Before I take further criticisms, I have to say, the way I take Music, is with moderation. I do think anything extreme is not good. Balance is essential, and moderation and balance go hand in hand.Marilyn Manson & his satanic appeal If music drives me to extremes, and I realize that it can for some people, I would choose to stop listening to it. Certain abuses of music make many condemn all kinds of music. However, the way I see it, you cannot let extremes represent something. I do not think music makes people forget God, but appreciate the beauty God has provided in this world. Music is produced from a combination of sound waves, which are essentially produced from the vibrations of GOD given materials. Sound is a natural phenomenon, and music is something derived from that. Therefore, to consider it something in line with evil, or even a source of sin is not giving it a justified title.

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