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Other Interesting friends/ acquaintances I have met online. But not onlife.





Well, here is my tribute to my friends online. It's an excuse to introduce you the viewer to all these really interesting people I have met online and on life.

I have to mention Brian. He has been instrumental in my design addiction. He is the one who introduced to me the concept of making a homepage, otherwise I probably would have gotten addicted to AOL chat lines and wasted these one and half years I've been on the net. To get a good idea of the Brian before he went to New College of University of South Florida, check out his homepage called An Inventory of my neurons. More importantly, check out what he's been up to lately at oursouls, where his photography is featured. He and I will soon build an online exhibit of his photography.

Quite the interesting friend to have, and I want to leave it at that. Lately I only see him online when he is cramming his hard drive with mp3's and playing Gemstone. Although there's almost nothing about him in there, check out his homepage, Cirrhosis of the Eye, almost entirely devoted to Gemstone.

Friends I have met through internet or e-mail, but never in person.

A great musician with great talents. I corresponded with him for a while after he contacted me through my homepage. We were both in similar dilemmas about permissibility of music in Islam, and have helped each other find things on the issue. He seems to be a very accomplished musician in Boston, as I found out through his homepage. Visit and listen to the Real Audio samples of his sounds.

This talented writer contacted me for some help with a project, which then lead him to getting me an NYU gig where I got to design a site for a hyperfiction contest winners, (he was one of two). I cannot say enough to describe his talent in writing hypertext. He as also given me some really nice advice on matters of life. Get a glimpse of him at his excellent homepage metasystemik ink and also the NYU Press Prize for Hyperfiction Site (the one I designed).