Ecological Concerns

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I think am an environmentalist, at least I hope to be one. I have been trying to do my best of not contributing to the mayhem that is being created in  this Earth by confused people and evil industries. I have been trying ever since I heard about the concept of pollution and greenhouse effect. My enthusiasm was kindled by reading environmental magazine like E and scientific magazines like Popular Science. I will never willingly throw non-biodegradable materials in the streets. I will carry my garbage until I find the closest bin (and so should everyone else). While living in Saudi Arabia, I discovered that most materials would not last long in the hot sun, even our car's dashboard began to crumble, yet many simple plastic such as polystyrene bags would not disintegrate. The pollution problem is becoming serious in Saudi Arabia because it produces abundant plastics and the general public is relatively ignorant of the harms of pollution. Recycling is a concept that does not seem to exist there.

Anyway, my point in writing about this is to do something (however small it may be) about the environmental problems of this world. I do not believe in the idea that whatever environmental disaster that is happening is all part of the evolution of the world. Therefore, death of endangered species and destruction of livable spaces is merely part of a huge natural process that should be left alone. Sitting here in front of my computer screen, I am more or less limited to providing you with links to sites that are extremely important in helping the world environmental cause.

Connect to the environmental cause

one of the best environmental magazines I have read

"the largest online environmental information resource on the planet"

connect to Animal rights & nature conservation

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
I do not exactly espouse some of their beliefs

exposing realities of the fur industry

their site is quite fascinating and fun, try out the panda passport feature!

nature experts galore