tangible: my artistic trials

Lately I have been spending much time in front of screens, ignoring the more tangible mediums of self expression, such as my sketchpad. But I cannot ignore where my art appreciation began. If it was not for that paint bucket, crayon, color pencils & some interest, I would not be typing a paragraph for a page devoted to artworks I have done.

I began seriously sketch after my eldest sister (probably the only other art enthused person) got me interested in it by showing some simple techniques on people sketching. Since then I have mostly wasted time sketching faces of imaginary people. Only recently have I stopped drawing animate living things, because it violates norms in my religion. The adjustment was not difficult especially because I have become extremely interested in modern art, which is more abstract, and animate figures are often not a necessity.

I have saved very little of my art, especially because I was not conscious of the need to. I have saved many works since 8th grade, somehow I felt the need to preserve them. Now I regret not having begun that earlier. These days, I am art deprived, hardly any time to do anything serious. I am adopting to pressures of University by making strange looking patterns in my notebook, which I believe most teenagers do at some point. In fact, I have become so serious about "doodling" that I have now some established patterns that reoccur in most of my doodles, and I hope to document them one day.

I hope to become a serious artist one day. Until then, I have my computer to churn up artwork by the minute & HTML to display them to people I never meet.

Take a look at some of what I have done since 8th grade...



DRAWINGS [coming soon]

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