Architecture Has Always been something I enjoy. I know that I am studying for computer engineering, but despite that, I have a strong desire to know architecture. I have been fascinated with architecture for most of my life. When I first got introduced to the concept of designing buildings, I was immediately fascinated. I once got a glimpse of an architecture plan that my father had (was of a house we were going to build in Bangladesh), I immediately tried to grasp the idea of support beams and balance of a building. I began sketching little trivial plans of my dream houses and buildings. The realization that there is such a thing as an architect, and that architects can (essentially) create something and solidify something that existed only in their imaginations. I realized, I do not have to be stuck walking into an architectural marvel or living in one, instead, I can actually create it myself.

Why didn't I choose to pursue Architecture? The reasons are too many and at the same time, not enough. It is becoming more ambiguous lately. Perhaps I am afraid that I would be too wrapped up in my own design rhetoric that I would practically drive myself down. And then one day someone will appreciate my designs, but it will then be too late to call my architectural career something meaningful. Also, the possibility of having to live half my life in debt is too frightening for my...parents (sigh).

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